NVCS presents Tiger Tiger/Whiplash Smile (Duran Duran/Billy Idol) LIVESTEAM
Nectar & Nite Wave present:

NVCS presents Tiger Tiger (Duran Duran tribute) and

Whiplash Smile (Billy Idol tribute) LIVESTEAM

Join us for livestream tribute to Duran Duran + Billy Idol feat NITE WAVE. Please click "tickets" button and "Pay What You Will". Thank you!

Tune in here for the live stream FRI 11/6 @ 8pm PT:


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We're excited to announce that, in accordance with recent guidance from WA Governor's office (follow link for more info), we'll be offering a "GOLDEN TICKET" to the Tiger Tiger / Whiplash Smile concert on Friday 11/6 that will allow for two (2) masked individuals from the same household to attend our live stream session IN PERSON from a private booth on the mezzanine!! The winner of this auction will be able to enjoy the show LIVE at Nectar Lounge with one additional member of their household.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: http://ebay.us/L78r4I?cmpnId=5338273189

You heard that right, folks! This is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience to see a REAL band perform live music in a REAL music venue and with nobody else in attendance other than the limited production crew and performers!!

Winners of the auction must arrive at 7:30 pm on Friday, November 6th at Nectar Lounge. The show will go from 8-10 pm. Please read all the rules and regulations below in order to qualify before making a bid. Thanks and good luck!

11.6 Friday (Duran Duran + Billy Idol Tribute Night)

Nectar & Nite Wave present:


TIGER TIGER (Duran Duran)


featuring members of NITE WAVE

8:00pm PT

"Pay What You Will" ($10 & up suggested)

1. Click "tickets" button and contribute any amount you'd like!

2. or contribute via https://www.paypal.me/nectarlounge

3. or send via Venmo: @nectar-lounge

NVCS supports the musicians, Northwest Harvest, and Nectar operations during COVID-19 lockdown. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Nectar Virtual Concert Series (NVCS) is produced using the pro venue sound, lights and stage at Nectar Lounge, an independent music venue forced to shut down in mid-March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The artists perform in an empty venue with no actual audience and are instead filmed with multiple camera angles and broadcast out to a live virtual audience across various platforms. The live streams are presented at no cost, and fans are encouraged to "Pay-What-You-Will" with contributions supporting the artists, venue, and various social causes.


The bands will be loud and live, you'll feel the music in your body, but what you hear when you tune in at home is NOT the same audio experience as you will have in the venue. In particular, vocals may be lower in the mix and slightly muffled as compared to what you'd get with a "clean mix". This is because the sound engineer is mixing the sound for the live stream as one does in a recording studio, but what you'll be hearing is the LIVE sound in the room.


Tickets are non-transferable and "Golden Ticket" holders must agree to some basic ground rules (see below) for health & safety and will be required to sign a liability waiver before entering the venue.

We're allowed to offer this exclusive "Golden Ticket" experience following this guidance from the Governor's office: http://tiny.cc/WAStateRules

which states the following:

"A live performer or performers is permitted to provide live entertainment if and only if all spectators are from the same household. As long as spectators are removed or limited to a single household, a performer or performers can live stream their performance. A skeleton crew is permitted to assist with the stream."


The health & safety of everybody in the venue is our primary concern, including you, performers, and production crew. Therefore, before receiving access to the venue you must review and agree to the following:

- we require you to declare and be willing to drop out if reporting ANY signs of symptoms or any known contact with anybody who has been sick in the past two weeks as per CDC guidelines. We're counting on you to self-report, take your temperatures as needed, and we'll make the final determination regarding entry to the venue.

- "Golden Tickets" are non-transferable, have no cash value and may not be sold or redeemed by anybody other than the randomly selected winner.

- we will present a liability waiver upon entry and require your signature certifying that you acknowledge any risks and release Nectar from all liability.

- you MUST certify that "Golden Ticket" attendees live in the same household.

- you MUST put on a face mask before entering the venue and wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES while inside the venue as required by WA State Law.

- you MUST remain on mezzanine throughout the performance, and in designated booth (seated or standing) unless using the mezzanine bathroom. This will keep you socially distant as well as preventing any disruptions to the live streamed production.

Additionally, since Nectar is now a live broadcast studio, you must agree to the following to avoid any disruptions to the live streamed production:

- please remain in the venue throughout the duration of the live stream. If you do have to leave for any reason, we ask that you do it as quietly as possible, remain out of the view of the video cameras, and understand that you will not be allowed to re-enter the venue.

- please plan to arrive 30 mins prior to stream launch (7:30 pm) and plan to remain in venue until after the end of the set (10 pm) and then promptly pack up and leave. please make sure to gather all your belongings before you leave, as these will be difficult to retrieve due to disrupted office hours.

- we ask that you remain quiet during the performance, but you're welcome to clap, etc after songs as long as you don't disrupt the performance. thanks!

- unfortunately, no food or beverage (including alcohol) may be consumed so please make appropriate plans for dinner and drinks before you arrive. (no alcohol service or consumption is allowed while the bar is closed, as per WA Liquor law)

- we expect your full cooperation to help us ensure a smooth production, but please understand permission is revocable if requested by crew (if, for example any concerns from crew regarding disruptive or unsafe behavior or failure to adhere to rules or for any other reasons beyond our control).

- if you have any concerns we ask that you please address them with us in advance if possible by emailing info@nectarlounge.com, or understand that any concerns will have to be addressed by management the next day.

Thanks for your cooperation, and good luck!

***Keeping performers and limited crew safe is the #1 priority and we have a series of ground rules that require strict adherence as prerequisite to proceeding with each of these performances. We limit the people in the building to the absolute minimum of essential workforce only and have measures in place to promote social distancing before, during, and after performances. Self-reporting and temperature taking is a mandatory request to ensure nobody is symptomatic. Musicians are encouraged to wear masks while not performing. We do sanitize equipment after each performance, and do not allow sharing of microphones. Hand sanitizer is available throughout and of course we encourage hand hygiene, while discouraging any/all contact between individuals, face touching, etc and prohibiting close contact between crew and performers.***


It was with a heavy heart that we all had to cancel our shows, and we hope that NVCS brings fans some much needed entertainment during these challenging times!

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe and healthy out there, and we look forward to seeing you at this or another stream in the Nectar Virtual Concert Series, and of course at the next live concert when we reopen!

With Love,

Team Nectar

Streaming live via

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St



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Started in the summer of 2015 when Nite Wave performed Duran Duran's "Rio" album in full live in concert, Tiger Tiger captures the essence of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Andy Taylor live on stage. We are true fans passionate about the art that Duran Duran brought to music. Everything from The Reflex to Come Undone to Hungry Like The Wolf!


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Nite Wave brings the rock n roll energy of their new Billy Idol Tribute performing hits like White Wedding, Blue Highway, Eyes Without a Face, Rebel Yell and much more!

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