Nectar Lounge & The PBJ Present

NVCS presents JAY COBB ANDERSON and MEGAN LETTS (live stream)

(of Fruition and Mama Magnolia)

Join us for NVCS livestream #68 feat Jay Cobb Anderson (Fruition) & Megan Letts. Please click the "Tickets" button and "Pay What You Will".

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11.12 Thursday (Folk / Americana)

Nectar & The PBJ Present:



JAY COBB ANDERSON (of Fruition) and MEGAN LETTS (of Mama Magnolia)

8:00pm PT

"Pay What You Will" ($10 & up suggested)

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NVCS supports the musicians, Nurturing Roots, and Nectar operations during COVID-19 lockdown. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Nurturing Roots Founded in 2016 by Nyema Clark, Nurturing Roots is a thriving urban farm and community farming program that values community, self-sufficiency, food empowerment, social justice, and education. Since its establishment, Nurturing Roots has brought the community together by providing volunteering opportunities, hosting various events, and partnering with local restaurants. We focus on sharing the truth about systematic oppression with an emphasis on food and environmental justice. Our farm is also about access, education, and re-engaging folks with our environment. https://www.nurturingrootsfarm.org

Nectar Virtual Concert Series (NVCS) is produced using the pro venue sound, lights and stage at Nectar Lounge, an independent music venue forced to shut down in mid-March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The artists perform in an empty venue with no actual audience and are instead filmed with multiple camera angles and broadcast out to a live virtual audience across various platforms. The live streams are presented at no cost, and fans are encouraged to "Pay-What-You-Will" with contributions supporting the artists, venue, and various nonprofit social causes.

***Keeping performers and limited crew safe is the #1 priority and we have a series of ground rules that require strict adherence as prerequisite to proceeding with each of these performances. We limit the people in the building to the absolute minimum of essential workforce only and have measures in place to promote social distancing before, during, and after performances. Self-reporting and temperature taking is a mandatory request to ensure nobody is symptomatic. Musicians are encouraged to wear masks while not performing. We do sanitize equipment after each performance, and do not allow sharing of microphones. Hand sanitizer is available throughout and of course we encourage hand hygiene, while discouraging any/all contact between individuals, face touching, etc and prohibiting close contact between crew and performers.***


It was with a heavy heart that we had to cancel our shows and we hope that NVCS brings fans some much needed entertainment during these challenging times!

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe and healthy out there, and we look forward to seeing you at this or another stream in the Nectar Virtual Concert Series, and of course at the next live concert when we reopen!

With Love,

Team Nectar

Streaming live via

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St


Photo credits:

Charla Harvey (Jay and Megan)

Chase Endreson (Balloon photograph)

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